We are Colorado’s premier life-enhancing elder services company. We’re there when you can’t be.

Elder Concierge Services provides a full range of services to senior and home-bound individuals in the Denver metro area. Our mission is not home-health care, medical care, or simply companionship. Rather, we provide care planning, support, friendship, transportation and outings for those whose families can’t be with them around the clock.

Whether it be customized care planning, or simple companionship services, we are always focused on relationship development that enables seniors to maintain social connection and fulfillment.

At ECS, we pride ourselves on flexibility – something not many in this industry can offer. We don’t offer cookie-cutter service packages. Rather, we are committed to serving our clients with the utmost in personal support. If that means a sudden change in plans or schedule, we’re more than happy to accommodate.

Medical appointment? We’re there. Recreational activity? We’re there. Transition Care? We’re There. Or if you just need a Companion? We’re there. No matter what the daily life task or frequencyElder Concierge Services provides the same level of attention and flexibility as you would if you could.


Our Stories

"Two adult daughters had placed their mom in a nursing facility, but she wasn't adjusting well. She refused to go to meals, do activities or take her meds. I spent time with her — we went for walks, built a comfort level. Soon, I became like a surrogate family member, making sure she had proper medication and making sure the staff were paying attention to her." — Marjorie, Elder Concierge Services concierge


  • Shopping
  • Medical or therapy appointments
  • Exercise
  • Day trips
  • Dining out
  • Theater and movies
  • Sporting events
  • Library
  • Problem solving
Why this matters


Custom Solutions

We will help prepare the right care plan for your loved one, and our concierge team will be there to implement it each step of the way.  The ECS team is comprised of men and women aged 24 to 65 with diverse backgrounds — all of whom meet our high standards for professional care. Who we are


Transitional Services

Often, families can't be there to help a loved one transition to or from a care facility. That's where we come in. ECS is proud to pioneer a new field in elder care: transitional services. We help with admission or discharge procedures, pack up belongings, and transport clients to or from home or the hospital/nursing home. Find out more